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Some Startling facts about Italian Food!

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Some Startling facts about Italian Food!

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Some of the most popular dishes around the world come from Italian cuisine. Italian food is well known for its simplicity and uniqueness. There are a lot of delicious recipes in Italian food, but the surprising fact about Italian food is that it focuses on mainly 2-4 essential ingredients and these ingredients make a delightful combination with each other.

Italian food recipes are not very complicated. Most of the methods are very easy to remember and cook. Here we are discussing the significance of Italian food with some mouth-watering recipes as well!

Brief History of Italian Cuisine:

Italian food originated in Italy, a beautiful and cultured European country. Known for its regional diversity, Italian foods include tomatoes, bell peppers, maize, and potatoes. Italian food is liked by foodies all around the world. Italian cuisine has a variety of food recipes that vary with different areas of Italy, so be sure to try the menu from all types of regional Italian restaurants

Favorite ingredients used in Italian Food:

Vegetables, fruits, sauces, pork, meat, sausages, tomatoes, and fresh herbs.

Italians prefer to use more natural and organic ingredients in their food. Rather than adding artificial flavors and spices, Italian food demands to be cooked with fresh ingredients and fresh spices for seasoning.  Olive oil is one of the essential elements of Italian Food. Without olive oil, an Italian recipe would be incomplete!

Italian food has a wide range of recipes that are liked the world over. Some of the most popular Italian food dishes are discussed below:

italian pasta dish

Italian Pasta:

Pasta is the most popular food in Italian cuisine. There is a large variety of pasta dishes in Italian cooking. Mostly pasta is preferred to be eaten with tomato sauces, but listed below are some other pairing options for your pasta:

Bigoli, Agnolotti, Eliche, Gnocchi, Vermicelli, Orzo, Spaghetti, Macaroni, Lasagne, Ravioli and much more!

The Italian Pizza:

The mouthwatering savory dish Pizza is a popular Italian staple. Delicious bread that is topped with tomato sauce, cheese, sausages and olives baked in a brick oven.

Some of the famous Italian Pizzas options:

  • Sicilian Pizza
  • Romana
  • Pizza Margherita
  • Rosmarino

Get out there and try some Italian dishes at a regional Italian restaurant in your area.  Let us know about your favorites.

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