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Paleo diet: Lose 7-11 Pounds quickly without counting calories

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Paleo diet – Lose 7-11 Pounds quickly without counting calories

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No more counting calories. Lose weight quickly without counting calories and starving yourself. Just enjoy your meals and lose weight by following the simplest and easiest Paleo diet plan.

In term of weight loss, a good diet equates to eating healthy foods and avoiding non-healthy foods like pizza, fries, oily things, deserts… Healthy eating is a great step to avoid many health problems like blood pressure issues, heart problems, diabetes, and other health issues. Some people think diet means staying hungry which is wrong. A safe diet always means eating healthy portions of food which are beneficial for your body. Multiple diet options exists to help you with your weight loss goals.

One of the most popular diet options is a Paleo diet which helps to reduce fat stores from the body.  A PALEO diet is straightforward and helps to lose unwanted weight by eating foods that are high in protein and low in carbs. Counting calories is not the main point of this diet.  It’s often difficult and time-consuming to count calories accurately, so it’s best to follow a simple diet that is practical to implement.

WHAT TO EAT on a PALEO diet:

  • Plenty of chicken or beef

  • About 10 eggs per week

  • Plenty of fresh fish

  • Eat fruits like strawberries, cantaloupe, figs, and mangoes at snack time

  • Vegetables like onion, pepper, pumpkin, and asparagus

  • Nuts including almonds, walnuts, cashew nuts and seeds including pumpkin seeds

  • Olive oil, flaxseed oil, walnut oil


  • Do your best to limit and avoid Dairy products such as yogurt, butter, cheese, milk…

  • Grains like rice, wheat, barley, rye

  • Legumes like peas, beans, and peanuts

  • Starchy vegetables like potatoes

  • Sweets(all form of sweets including honey and sugar)

  • Artificial sweeteners (xylitol and stevia ARE good replacements)

  • fruit juices and sugary soft drinks

  • Highly processed foods

  • Processed and cured meats like bacon, deli meats, hot dogs

Sample diet plan below:

Breakfast: 1 onion and spinach omelet with 1 cup black or green tea or 1 cup black coffee without sugar or sweeteners.

Snack: 1 tablespoon of nuts (almond, cashew or walnuts)

Lunch: any fish (preferably tuna) with a large bowl of salad

Snack: Any two fruits

Dinner: 100 gram chicken or beef with salad.

Follow a paleo diet plan and track your weight loss progress.  Measure your waist circumference and weight weekly.  Look to burn more calories than you consume, and weight loss should follow.  Please share your feedback and progress over time as well as any tips or healthy recipes that have been working for you.  Best of luck on your weight loss and better health journey.

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