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Should You Opt For Low Carb Breakfast For A Healthier Body?

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Should You Opt For Low Carb Breakfast For A Healthier Body?

No doubt, your breakfast should be ideal for maintaining a healthy body. In fact, you can kick-start your metabolism levels with a healthy breakfast. A healthy breakfast can fuel your morning and help you feel fuller through lunch.  A morning protein can help keep cravings away and help you avoid overeating during the rest of day. The choice to eat a high protein and low carb breakfast is not a daunting task anymore. A balanced diet of proteins, healthy fat and optimum level of calories with fiber can ensure good nutrition for your body.

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Ideally, eggs are loaded with proteins and therefore can make a powerful breakfast. The various preparation choices of hard boiled, poached, fried, or scrambled van help you make each morning meal unique.   Baking muffins are a preferred option for many healthy breakfast eaters. A low carb breakfast of eggs without yolk can keep you going from morning through lunchtime.

Greek Yogurt

In case you do not want to mess up the kitchen, a wide variety of Green Yogurt is another great option. The high protein content along with calcium aids in digestion, while the yogurt can be low in carbs.  Cottage cheese and yogurt also make a tasty mix.

You can enhance the nutritional value of breakfast with a combination of veggies, spinach, or kale. Mix them in a morning smoothie for a great low carb start to your day.


In fact, you can make your stuff your breakfast with vegetables, onion, bell pepper, tomato and eggs. There is no rule against a vegetable salad to fill your belly for breakfast.

Lean Meat

You can toss lean meat into scrambles, omelets, salads, etc. to keep the day going strong. You will be adding only 100 calories and 18 grams of proteins with a serving of 3 ounces of boneless, skinless chicken breast.

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If you love cereals, there is no better antioxidant breakfast than oatmeal consisting of fibrous beta-glucan. The viscous beta glucan also promotes fullness, while helping to reduce bad cholesterol levels. You can complement with a cup of milk and an egg to ensure an optimum protein level.

Chia Seeds

From a nutrition point of view, a breakfast with Chia seeds is a great fiber option. The fiber from the seeds absorbs water and promotes fullness while containing blood sugar and blood pressure levels.

You can also add berries, nuts, flaxseeds, fruits, a protein shake, or green tea. All are yummy and healthy low carb breakfast ingredients.  Enjoy you next low carb breakfast.

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