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Will Alkaline Water Make A Difference to Your Fitness Level?

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Will Alkaline Water Make A Difference to Your Fitness Level?

Many people like you have a misconception that any filtered water is good enough after intense physical activity like gardening, workout at a gym, etc.!! Is it?

However, you cannot ignore the superior hydration qualities and other health benefits that are synonymous with alkaline water to maintain fitness.

Alkaline Water

Going back to your school days, you might recall that any high pH value from 0 to 14 is alkaline and vice versa is more acidic. The normal drinking water in a majority of the instances averages at 7 on the pH scale. The mineral content from one location to another might make the difference. Therefore, the alkaline water has a capability of neutralizing the acidic content in ensuring optimum body fitness.


Though the benefits of alkaline water need to be authenticated with further scientific research, health professionals endorse that in certain conditions, alkaline water has an added advantage over non-alkaline water.

  • Blood Viscosity: Optimum alkaline water can enhance blood viscosity. Thus, the chances of strain on the cardiovascular system are lower with higher viscosity. Therefore, it is ideal to take alkaline water after high-intensity activity. However, in order to derive the best result, you need to ensure more intake of alkaline water than other types.
  • Higher Hydration Level: If you feel that alkaline water pushes fitness performance to a higher level, you are wrong. On the performance front, there appears to be no difference either way. However, with a higher level of hydration in the body, you are able to sustain longer duration and therefore better performance.
  • Keeps away from the Sugary Drinks: Alkaline water is capable of lowering the urge for sugary sports drinks, which are not ideal for optimal performance. A moderate level of sports drinks can replace the electrolytes lost through sweat and rigorous activity. However, the higher sugar levels are not healthy and therefore sports drinks are not a great replacement for water.

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Other Benefits

The intake of alkaline ionized water can have positive benefits to contain high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol levels. Alkaline water also deactivates pepsin, which is an acid reflux enzyme. The other benefits for body fitness include:

  • Delayed aging process
  • Colon cleansing
  • Improved immunity
  • Weight loss

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You cannot simply rule out the positive impact of alkaline water as a placebo effect.  Many athletes have shared their improved performance while drinking alkaline water, so it’s worth questioning those that feel it is just a placebo effect. However, you need not opt for a specific brand just because an athlete or celebrity endorses a particular brand.  Keep reading and researching to stay informed on the benefits of alkaline water in your fitness toolkit.

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