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talk to your doctor

Questions to Ask your Doctor if you are a CDL Driver

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talk to your doctor

 Questions to Ask your Doctor if you are a CDL Driver

Talk about the special type of work you have to do and your CDL license.  Ask about changes you should make to get healthier.  Driving all day means a lot of sitting down, so what steps can you take to improve your health?

Potential Topics to Discuss

  • Reducing caffeine
  • Lowering salt intake
  • Alcohol use
  • Stopping smoking
  • Weight loss
  • Stress control
  • Sleep habits
  • Healthy food options on the road

Questions about medicines

  • Can they affect your energy, sleep, alertness, weight, nerves, bathroom needs or sex life?
  • What about appetite, social life, work or free-time activities?
  •  What if you miss a dose?
  •  How do they act with foods or other medicines you take?
checking blood pressure
Check your blood pressure and weight at the Health Kiosks at pharmacies and truck stops

CDL Driver Health is important and there are steps you can take control of you health!

  • Fit in time for exercise on the road – what truck stops offer gyms? Join a national chain like Planet Fitness and work out at franchise along your route.  They also have great showers to freshen up
  • When fast food and diners are the only food options for miles, you still have healthy food choices you can make.
    • Fresh fruits instead of potato chips or candy
    • Water, Coffee, and Tea instead of soda and sugary drinks
    • Paleo menu options
  • Take safety breaks and get in your REM sleep

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